Ricardo Rangels' artwork on the war in Ukraine

 Hello. Today we are going to talk about Ricardo Rangels' works of art about the war in Ukraine, remembering that according to the Rangelsian philosophy "the invader is always wrong" leaving very few exceptions in these matters, so it is very simple to take a side in this war.

 The first work that was done last year is Chronus serving the balance: more gas, more oil, more land, more water.  This astonishing work shows a banquet where Erdogan, Bush, Putin and Xi are at the table being served with what they most desire while the god Chronus who represents time is sucking the years of their lives, in a clear allusion to the  that it is not worth it, cause so much suffering for victories that did not last in this world.

 The second work is War  Peace, and also created in 2021, shows a colorful giant being cornered by two beings that look like birds.  This work was quite prophetic, as it shows Ukraine in the midst of antagonistic forces screaming about it, in addition, the kyiv location was marked in the instagram post.

 The third one made now since the war started is called New Hitler Fall, and it shows a dictator dressed as a hitler falling when a child takes one of his leg bones, and above we see a hand from heaven judging and acting against this dictator.

 The fourth and fifth we have two red frames, one called Explosion shows the detonation of a large bomb that resembles an atomic bomb, and another shows a Hurricane on someone's Head in a stylized way.

 And fifth and final we have a hideous skull with scary teeth called A Warlord's Only Permanent Victory, with the following quote below:

 ,, You always wanted more land and it was never enough, soon you'll have enough going into your mouth.."

 As we can see the artist has indeed become very involved in the war through his art, showing or trying in vain to show the warlords that this is not the way and trying to bring them to repentance and change their actions.

 But when he was asked if he hated some of these people for portraying them dying, he said:

 "No, I don't hate anyone in this world, I try to always keep my mind free from negative feelings, my art is not made to please or be commercial, nor to shock, but just so that these people can see and realize that they are wrong, it's an invitation to repent and change direction, in fact these people have an absurd power and could do so much good in this world, but they don't see it, it's a shame, I would like to be friends with everyone so I can show them how to make a world best.."


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