Campaign: Consider banning cryptocurrencies crimes against humanity

 Hello, we have seen a new crime against humanity emerge which is the banning of cryptocurrencies and even arrest and prosecution of people who simply invest in cryptocurrencies.

 With outlandish excuses that cryptocurrencies are used in crimes and money laundering, these policies are adopted against investors in both dictatorships and governments that claim to be democratic.

 But, if this excuse worked, the same could be said of any fiat currency and even works of art, since all these assets are also used for crimes and money laundering and in much greater proportions than cryptocurrencies.  And then they will ban the rotten coins that are just painted paper like dollar and euro too?

 As you can see, it is just another attempt at control to maintain the power of a few while injuring the individual rights of ordinary citizens.  The world is becoming more and more a prison and more and more governments, international bodies and banks want to muzzle us and enslave us to their interests.

 But here we are going to continue more and more to denounce all these fascists and make people understand that their resources only belong to themselves, and that these tyrants must learn the difference between what belongs to them and what belongs to other people, even the poorest belong only to themselves.

 And we hope that the UN, which many say is just a facade for the interests of the powerful, can take a stand against this crime against humanity, if not, it is up to us to define it ourselves, just as we have already defined that the creation, manufacture and storage of weapons atomic and biological substances also constitute crimes against humanity.  And history will prove us right one day.

 May the Eternal Consciousness bless us always!


Ricardo Rangels 


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