Why this work of art is so wonderful?

 Hello, when the pandemic started and after a dream, I felt an urge to start producing art again, but there was a problem, I remember that the stores were closed, there were restrictions and I couldn't wait for internet shopping to do my work.

 That's when I looked at polyethene materials in my home, and that triggered the missing trigger, what if I built my own canvas and paints?

 I always liked polyethene, I remember my childhood where I grew up in a big yard full of plants, where I did several experiments that tried to create new breeds of insects, extract perfumes from plants and even make sesame shampoos.

 Among these there was also the manipulation of oil and plastic cans, and much of this experience was essential to develop this technique of using polyethene.

 Having thought about it, I decided to relearn and try it, and it was a little difficult, at first it seemed like I had done a lot of nonsense, I remember feeling bad when inhaling the toxic smoke, but I couldn't stop, the art had to come anyway, even if i died i needed to finish.

 I also never really liked the canvas, not that it’s not cool to touch the paints, it’s very gratifying to paint, but I never feel very comfortable knowing that trees have to be cut down so that we can make art with them, and sometimes, even painting trees on canvas.

 Apart from the fact of durability, a canvas is something very fragile that can be damaged, and the paints lose some of their luster over time, and I want something more perennial and easy to transport.

 For example, these works can last for many years, thene is wonderful, the color will hardly fade and I can still carry it around without problems, I can even roll it up like a sheet of paper, which saves me a lot of space here, like said before, thene is a wonderful material.

 And I think we should value this more, the problem is not this material itself, but the political incompetence and bad character of some companies and people who instead of recycling properly prefer to let it in the environment. For me, and for all these qualities I prefer to value its beauty and transform it into art. 

And in the end, the result was better than I expected, a different work of art, with an unusual material with a touch of sculpture, where you need not only inspiration but a lot of technique when dealing with a material that can literally kill you, it is as if what brings us life, art, can bring us death too, in a beautiful poetry of rebirth and eternity.

Ricardo Rangels °


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