Triptych Pisces

 Triptych Pisces ~ Dont tread on me. 2021. Synapses on fiése. Indefinite. @ricardo_rangels 

Triptych Pisces ~ Debt is slavery. 2021. Synapses on fiése. Indefinite. @ricardo_rangels 

Triptych Pisces ~ Taxation is theft. 2021. Synapses on fiése. Indefinite. @ricardo_rangels 

I did this series in celebration of my birthday, taking a break from my new project which is my new musical album.  

There are some points that I believe how citizens should not be oppressed by their own states, so the motto "don't step on me"..

On taxation, I make a reservation, any monthly tax above 9% is theft, in fact, no taxes and fees should be permanent, human beings are born free and as free they should not pay anything for the rest of their lives, only their personal expenses..

The last sentence about debts, this is an individual decision, people should stop  making debts with mortgages, cars etc..

Do not make debts mainly those in the long term, but it is also unacceptable that rich countries live in debt, every politician who owes his country should answer criminally because it is a crime to subject the whole country to slavery.


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