Whipped Cream and Caramel Sculptures Series ~ Exhibition

 Hello, Ricardo Rangels has released an exciting new work called Whipped Cream and Caramel Sculptures Series ~ Exhibition.  According to this artist " "Where the organic and mineral devour the technological as it evolves into new forms of life..." " without giving further details.  

Anyway we could see the happiness and excitement about these sculptures, which represent something totally different from everything he's done so far, and we also questioned why it was so different from what he had been doing in painting. 

Rangels then told us: "Each work represents another facet of me, it's like each of my personalities creates, so simultaneously I can create something classic in the painting and at the same time sculpt something totally inspired by organic monsters that devour technology.

  My mind is restless and even before I finish a project I'm already processing and creating something totally different and original in another medium, I can't stop, nor do I sleep well with so many sensations and ideas that are maturing and soon I'll have to put them in this reality but this series is very special for being my first entire collection of sculptures and just for running away from everything I had done before.  

It was a difficult year for me but this series made me smile a lot and be happy creating this, they are very small with simple materials but I have a very special affection and I hope they will end up in the hands of the right people who can be happy to see them and be happy for a moment in that time.."



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