News: RRFS Project Update and Closure

          Project Update and Closure

February 21, 2022

 Unfortunately, we decided to close the RRFS project due to low adherence, and since we were harmed by small artists who plagiarized the project, not giving it a chance to stand out due to being better known, which overshadowed the originality and exceptionality of our project, causing a lack of interest in the specialized media.

 The project had the objective of sponsoring the career of the creator artist so that he could dedicate himself entirely to producing his art, as well as spontaneously rewarding without any legal obligation, with dividends to those who helped the artist in his trajectory, but as this did not happen because of the project, and the artist finances himself on his own, there is no longer any reason for the project to exist in the way it was proposed.

 Thus, we communicate the end and cancellation of all the rules of the present document on, mainly with regard to the spontaneous payments of any dividend or financial bonus from that date February 21, 2022.

 However, even with the end of the RRFS project as The First CryptoArt and The First Cryptocurrency, the artist will not stop making the art of these artistic coins as an artistic expression of his creativity, whenever he has some inspiration for this project.

 We ask for everyone's understanding, and we affirm that RRFS will still continue to be sold and donated on platforms as collectible arts for those who appreciate this work that has so influenced and been copied by other artists, which only demonstrates the genius and vision of the creator artist.

 We also thank everyone who supported, publicized and cheered for the project, and we are waiting for you in new projects that the artist will soon create, as his creativity is infinite, being a true dedicated artist and always producing new and wonderful things.

 Thank you very much!

 RRFS Project Auxiliary Team


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