New fivefold album Obscurances i Radeasances by Ricardo Rangels is released


 January, the month of Ricardo Rangels' birthday, started with something new, a gift for all the rangies which are 5 albums with 50 songs by Ricardo Rangels sung in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Latin, in addition to two languages ​​from the book  A Mitologia Allane(Portuguese), the Ellene and Allane languages. 

 All summed up in Obscurances i Radeasances, this box where you can feel all the creativity and experimentation of this great artist, exploring new nuances of his voice this time in the high end, which is far from last year's low voice album

 The first 10 tracks were heavily inspired by reggae, but also Latin music and even Italian pop.

 The second album goes back to electronic music with easy lyrics, striking and danceable beats and some experimental ones.

 Then on the third album you get to Rock, and Lyss Metal, with strong songs and interesting lyrics, where you can see Rangels' vocal ability, although the underground at times is disconcerting, it's not a light record, it's really heavy rock, strange and exciting.

 The fourth album reaches the indie and 80s part of the album, with calm lyrics and some relaxing ones, this part also has an appreciation of the Portuguese language and musication of old poems, as well as experimentalism in some tracks.

 Finally, we reach a more creative facet of Rangels in yet another album of powerful classical music, the songs bring experimentalism and strength of great masters of the past but with the usual creative originality.  In our opinion, one of the great successes of this independent artist.

  You can listen and enjoy in the links below:






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