The God of Metal II: I Am God


 The new album The God of Metal II: I Am God by Ricardo Rangels was released as a surprise, after 4 years, the artist returns to his heavy rock series with this work. Ricardo Rangels is an eclectic singer who expresses himself in several genres, but without ever abandoning his rock vein. In this work, we can see all of his versatility in various aspects of metal, from classic to heavy, from black to doom, all mixed in perfect harmony in the Brazilian genre called Lyss metal.

 The Story

 The God of Metal II is an old project, in which a large publicity campaign was started using enigmas, however several problems, mainly financial, prevented the development and release of the album in the year it would be released.

 The album tells a story that is intertwined with Rangels' own trajectory. The album begins with confirmation of the evident end of rich people who don't care and have harmed the artist, be it billionaires and unscrupulous politicians or artists who plagiarized Rangels without giving credit. But it is also a reflection on yourself and changing direction on your life path.

 In other tracks we see the artist's struggle to survive and for his family, often suffering deprivation in a world governed by false gods, yet he remains firm and resilient on his journey.

 On this journey, he seeks excellence and knows that all his pain and evil will be overcome.

 He also finds love on this path, someone who walks with him and together they continue this journey.

 Ultimately, he motivates that person to continue on this path, and ultimately wins his crown by achieving full victory both spiritually and materially.

 Ultimately, it is an album with a heavy but optimistic sound that brings hope to everyone who is on the path to a better life in a world governed by evil people who bring chaos to this world. An album for strong and fighters, for warriors and wise men of a new world.



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